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R.G.W. Cherry & Associates Limited is a U.K. consultancy company formed in 1992 from widely experienced Aeronautical Engineers.  The company has achieved an excellent reputation for the quality of work delivered to airworthiness authorities, academic bodies, aircraft manufacturers, equipment suppliers and aircraft operators. In particular, it has longstanding relationships with the U.K. Civil Aviation Authority, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, Transport Canada and the European Aviation Safety Agency, having fulfilled many contracts for them.

The company has provided System Safety Assessment training courses to industry for a number of years.  We provide bespoke 25.1309 training at the customer’s facilities and have now launched on-line courses, with Cranfield University.  The courses specifically address the techniques involved in carrying out System Safety Assessment.  They have a large emphasis on delegate participation so that the participants can actually understand how to use the techniques. The subjects addressed include: Functional Hazard Assessment, Zonal Safety Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, Enhanced Fault Tree Analysis and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis.

Courses offered

  • Safety Assessment of Aircraft Systems - 5 day course

    The course is aimed at engineers and managers that may be involved directly or indirectly with the System Safety Assessment process, although it is formulated on the assumption that the participants have had no previous formal instruction on safety analysis techniques and processes. It will, therefore, be of interest to both the experienced practitioner and the novice.

    The objectives of the course are to give participants:

    • An understanding of the methodology and analysis techniques for carrying out System Safety Assessments, including Functional Hazard Assessment, Zonal Safety Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, Enhanced Fault Tree Analysis and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis.
    • Familiarity with the mathematics and statistical distributions involved in the process.
    • A knowledge of some of the more common errors encountered in analysing aircraft systems.
    • An understanding of the interaction between the safety analysis process and systems architecture, and how the results of the safety analysis affect the maintenance and operation of transport aircraft.

    The course is typically held over five days and constitutes:

    • Lectures with question periods.  Participants are encouraged to ask questions during the lectures to ensure a common understanding
    • Tutorials where participants will be shown how to solve problems and will have the opportunity to work on problems themselves.  A full set of course notes is provided to all participants and on successful completion a course certificate.

    Click below to see a typical 5 day course timetable:

    Typical 5 day course timetable [Download PDF]  


    "A great balance between theory and practical. Very useful practical exercises to get a good understanding of concepts."

    "Ray and Maurice were both excellent and engaging lecturers and their wealth of experience and examples helped bring the course to life."

    "One of the best courses I have ever participated on! The instructor had a lot of knowledge on the topic and explained it very clearly. I found it invaluable that we had many practical examples."

    If you are interested in this course please contact us at

  • Applied Safety Assessment of Aircraft Systems – 5 Day Course

    Offered as an online course in Conjunction with Cranfield University, 29th Mar – 02nd Apr 2021 and 28th Jun – 02nd Jul 2021.

    These courses are designed to complement the System Safety Assessment of Aircraft Systems Short Course. Delegates on the Applied Course should have attended a System Safety Assessment Course or have some experience in the field.

    Delegates will carry out safety analyses on the Cranfield A1 aerobatic aircraft using schematics and the “Virtual A1” as appropriate. These analyses will form an integral part of the course objective of producing a comprehensive System Safety Assessment. Delegates will work in groups to carry out the System Safety Assessment and will use various methods including the following safety analysis techniques:

    • Functional Hazard Assessment: The FHA exercise will identify the critical failure conditions of the system. Each group will classify the failure conditions, in accord with the categories specified in the regulatory material, and identify the analysis techniques most appropriate to each.
    • Particular Risks: Particular Risks to the system and its installation will also be considered.
    • Enhanced Fault Tree Analysis: The groups will carry out an Enhanced Fault Tree Analysis for the failure conditions identified by the FHA as being appropriate to this analytical technique.
    • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis: This exercise will use system schematics in order to perform an FMEA on the aircraft system.
    • Zonal Safety Analysis: Delegates will carry out a Zonal Safety Analysis on the aircraft zones in which the system is installed.


    Many thanks to you both. Your presentation style and delivery is an example of how to do it right! And your depth of knowledge was clearly extensive ... excellent in both content and delivery!

    "Very thorough and intensive course, useful and a great experience."

    Click below to view video from recent Applied System Safety Assessment training course - held in conjunction with Cranfield University. The video is kindly provided by Steven Teo, Guan Kiat.

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Course presenters

  • Ray Cherry

    RGW Cherry & Associates Ltd – Aviation Consultants – Photo of Ray Cherry

    Ray Cherry is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and a Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, with over 40 years’ experience in the aviation industry. Ray, is a Visiting Professor at Cranfield University and has lectured on their five-day Safety Assessment of Aircraft Systems Course since its inception in 1976. He continues to lecture on this course, covering a variety of modules and is also one of the Course Administrators.

    Ray is also a Presenter on the Applied Safety Assessment course and the MSc Course in Human Factors and System Safety Assessment. In addition, as Director of R.G.W. Cherry & Associates Limited, he regularly runs system safety training courses worldwide on aircraft reliability and safety assessment techniques to airworthiness authorities, manufacturers and airlines and is recognised worldwide as an expert in this field.

  • Maurice James

    RGW Cherry & Associates Ltd – Aviation Consultants – Photo of Maurice James

    Maurice has over 40 years of experience in the aviation industry having previously held many senior positions managing teams of project managers and engineers. He specialises in system safety analysis, engine and powerplant design and development, flight test engineering and project management. He has a wide understanding of the safety analysis process in the context of aircraft design.

    Maurice is also a holder of a Commercial Pilots Licence with an Instructors Rating and flies regularly. Since partnering with R.G.W. Cherry & Associates, Maurice has presented many system safety training courses and worked on a wide range of system safety projects and benefit analyses. Maurice is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Durham.

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