Fire, Smoke and Fume Occurrences on Transport Airplanes

RGW Cherry & Associates Limited is delighted to announce the award of a contract from the UK Civil Aviation Authority, on behalf of the Fire Safety Branch of the Federal Aviation Administration, to perform a research study on fire, smoke or fume occurrences on transport airplanes.

The broad objectives of the contract, to be performed over a 15 month period, are to collect data relating to in-service occurrences involving fire, smoke, fumes or odours on US registered aircraft and compile the data into an Occurrence Database.  The data will then be analysed in order to derive any likely trends, determine the monetary impact of the occurrences and any trends in these impacts.  The aircraft occurrences to be studied will be aircraft type certificated for 20 seats or more. They will primarily include airplanes used for the carriage of passengers or cargo and operating in accord with 14 CFR FAR 121. Ten years of data is to be analysed, with the date range being 2002 to 2011 inclusive.